Part P of the Building regulations

Part P of the Building regulations was introduced in 2005.The Purpose of Part P was to bring Electrical Installations under the remit of the Building Control offices. As with many other types of construction the Electrical system, since Part p, has to be verified by a local Building Control office or by a part P registered company or individual.

A company that has become Part P Registered can only verify work that they have actually installed.

In the case of a building control verified Electrical Installation the installation is inspected at a number of times during the installation process. The timings of these inspections are normally arranged so that any parts of the installation that will be concealed on completion of the installation are inspected while Visible.

It is a fact that must be considered when notifying building control as any part of the installation that cannot be- inspected may cause the installation to fail Part P and have to be inspected again. Concealed parts of the installation would then have to be revealed to allow inspection to be carried out

Most building control offices are now using contractors to inspect installations for Part p compliance. This has caused a lot of controversy within the Electrical industry as In some circumstances rival companies have inspected the work of competitors. It also raises questions on why it is allowable in these Circumstances but not others.


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